Jorge Zapata

Board President

Jorge Zapata is the Executive Coordinator for Hearts4Kids. He is married to Rosa, has four children and nine grandchildren.

Jorge attended Hispanic Baptist Theological Seminary in San Antonio, Texas, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and University of Missouri in Liberty, Missouri.

He has served 32 years as pastor in various churches, planted 9 new churches and previously served 16 years at New Wine Church, La Feria, Texas. He worked for several other Baptist Entities.

Jorge has served as community leader in Henderson County and in several other counties along the Texas/Mexico Border, as a community leader he developed bridges between Church & State with US Federal Government, the State of Texas, Counties and Cities. He helped to develop Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking - Texas with several other team members. He also has helped with Central American refugees working with the Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexican government, helped churches and pastors to open their churches as shelters along the Mexican border and US border churches to work with US Immigration ICE Department with the asylum refugees.

Jorge is a sports fan and loves to play sports with his grandchildren. He is a musician, and he also collects Hot Wheels Cars and knives.