Fair Trade Market to benefit CCHT
Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 10:00am to 3:00pm
Houston Baptist University-Student Center Courtyard 7502 Fondren Rd, Houston, TX 77074

Cooler temps are on the way and our Fall Fair Trade Market is right around the corner!  Join us on the HBU campus and shop from a wonderful array of vendors.  A portion of all proceeds benefit the Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking!  Start your Holiday shopping (and pick up a few things for yourself!) from these socially conscious Organizations:     

  • Threads by Nomad (Clothing and giftables)—An organization that creates opportunities to thrive for those who are displaced or in danger of displacement. They seek to help end the cycle of poverty for these individuals by investing in them and their talents.  They celebrate diversity through design, providing practical and versatile designs that inspire women to fall in love with the beauty of diversity through clothing.
  • A 2nd Cup (Coffee)—Coffee Shop established in The Heights to raise awareness of human trafficking issues in Houston—and to develop resources that help create a second chance for survivors.  The coffee they sell is freshly and locally roasted by Boomtown Coffee, who offers beans that are ethically sourced and bought directly from farmers for prices that are typically 50% higher than fair trade standards.
  • Lily and Company (Skincare, jewelry and beauty products)-Founded by trafficking survivor Lisa Michelle. The most rewarding part of what Lily & Co. is doing now is giving back to the sexually exploited. 25% of all profits go right into the street outreaches and ministries they partner with. Lisa also personally leads a street outreach that hits the streets of San Antonio to encourage and rebuild the lives of sex workers. They have success stories that are more than heartwarming, these women's lives are being restored!
  • Hollywood Hippie (Cosmetics)-Works closely with nonprofits to help fund children in need.  Their goal is to instill Courage, Optimism, Purpose and to Empower them, so they will have life skills needed.  They are makeup with a mission! They believe that healthy cosmetics should be fun and affordable.
  • Fair Trade Chocolate (Chocolates, teas, oils)-Started with an idea:  what if food could be traded in a way that is honest and fair, a way that empowers both farmers and consumers?Fair trade cocoa is an agricultural product harvested from the cocoa tree using a certified process which is followed by cocoa farmers, buyers, and chocolate manufacturers, and is designed to create sustainable incomes for farmers and their families.
  • Hilltop of Hope (Bags, backpacks) -Exists to rescue and redeem the women in Mumbai, India caught in human trafficking. Each Hilltop of Hope bag comes from a micro business ministry in Nepal. By purchasing a bag, you help take the message of Christ to places of darkness and employ women with little opportunity to live apart from the world of human trafficking.  
  • 139Made (T-shirts, mugs, jewelry)-A home grown, creative clothing company in Houston, Texas.  Their creations are based on Christian faith which they express in messages on their shirts, and their heart supports the fight against human trafficking.  The name was born out of Psalm 139, which they believe is God's message and promise to trafficking victims (and to all of us).  That they're all 139-made--fearfully and wonderfully made by our loving God.
  • Sparrow House (Botanicals)- The bath and body products that they make here in Houston are all hand-crafted by survivors of trafficking.  They provide a sustainable hourly wage, an opportunity to build a job history and resume, and work to make quality products the ladies can be proud of.  They use organic, fair trade ingredients in the manufacturing of their products to ensure that they are the most natural and socially conscious that they can be.
  • Elijah Rising (Leather goods)—Local Organization combating human trafficking.  Purchase of their goods empowers survivors of sex trafficking.

Everyone is welcome!  Come join us--it's going to be an Event you won't want to miss!